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About ITL

ITL (Iran Trade Law) is a web-based forum developed for Iran-related trade debates. ITL is dedicated to the international trade law’s debates concerning Iran in both English and Persian languages. ITL’s goal is to help developing more debates and useful information regarding the Iran’s position in international trade scene, its potentiality and the benefits which its accession to World Trade Organization would bring for both world’s trade and its economy.

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Due to existed gaps both in international trade law debates in Persian and also Iran-related international trade debates a network has been established by which we could gather all diffused related information and shape them in more accessible and profitable manner for researchers. ITL would be the first Persian website which deals with the international trade debates from the legal point of view and also the first English website discussing Iran-related international trade debates.

We believe Iran’s accession to World Trade Organization is a win-win game for both Iran and world’s economies. As ITL is at the first stage of its development, we invite all scholars, academics, officials, diplomats and all who are interested in international trade debates to contribute to ITL debates and discussion topics and enrich our website with their valuable comments and ideas.